How to set up Networking on my Server (Dedicated and Colocation) Print

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To provide Seamless Network Performance and Reliability we provide redundant uplinks to our Colocation and Dedicated Server customers.
This allows us to perform maintenance or withstand a switch failure without impact to you, our customer.

To utilize both links at the same time we use LACP  (Link Aggregation Control Protocol)

Here is a quick guide how to set up LACP 

Centos 7:
The interfaces should be called eth0 and eth1, you can check by typing

ip address

Once you know the names of the two NIC's you will need to configure NIC bonding on the OS.
The first step is to create a bond interface, please create the following config file in a text editor of your choice:

vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-bond0

This file will be empty. To configure the bond interface please copy the following text to the file:


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