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This manual is for Arch Linux - How to install Wine

Q: What is Wine?
A: Wine (recursive acronym for Wine Is Not an Emulator) is a free and open source compatibility layer
    software application that aims to allow applications designed for Microsoft Windows to run on Unix-like operating systems.

Q: I would like to install Wine.
A: You will need to enable Multilib repository in your pacman.conf.

Q: What is Multilib
A: The multilib repository is an official repository which allows the user to run and build 32-bit applications on 64-bit installations of Arch Linux.

Enable Multilib repository and update your system
Edit your pacman.conf file

# vi /etc/pacman.conf

Find and uncomment:


Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

Save the file
Press ESC
Press shift and : 

Type wq 
Press Enter

Now please run:


# pacman -Syu

# pacman -S wine

Wine will be now installed on your system.


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