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Things that you want to do in Arch Linux, Centos, Ubuntu ... ect.

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Everything related to Virtual Servers

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 How to install Wine in Arch Linux

This manual is for Arch Linux - How to install WineQ: What is Wine?A: Wine (recursive acronym...

 Linux - change the speed and duplex settings of an Ethernet card

Q: I am not getting the speed you advertise. A: We operate a Cisco only environment and sometimes...

 How to use Putty

Q: I never heard of Putty, what is it?A: Putty is a simple but powerfull SSH Client. Check out...

 What methods do you accept for payment?

Currently we accept all Major Credit Cards (via external processor), Paypal, and Bitcoin.

 How do I update my system

This manual is for Arch Linux - System Maintenance / System UpdateQ: How can I upgrade my system...